4 Ways Health Can Impact Your Skin & Hair


We all want healthy, glowing skin and hair; sometimes losing hair or having adult acne can signify other health issues.  Hair loss and adult acne often significantly impact a women's quality of life.  It can be associated with embarrassment, frustration, and low self-esteem.
Here we discuss some ways our skin and hair health can signify that something deeper is going on.  Addressing some of these deeper health issues can allow you to glow from both inside and out!

1)      Inflammation

One way we can see changes with our hair and skin is with inflammation. Skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis and acne are often caused by inflammation and because the skin is often less resilient with age there is more likelihood for scarring of the skin.

2)      Diet

Our diet can be an important driver as well.  Various foods, such as those with dairy or those with a high glycemic index/load have been linked with a higher likelihood of developing acne.  These foods also stimulate higher levels of insulin, which increases androgen levels and promotes inflammation and as already mentioned, inflammation will impact changes in both our skin and hair.

3)      Hormones

When Androgens and Insulin are high the size of our hair follicles getsmaller resulting in thinning hair and sebum production is increased at thelevel of the skin.  As Insulin increasesso will blood sugar; high blood sugar causes damage to the blood vessels whichsupply nutrients to hair follicles and can impact the formation of acne.

4)      Stress

Hormones released when we are stressed can increase inflammation on theskin and also increases the production of androgens.  We have already discussed the ways thatinflammation and hormones can impact our skin and hair.  Stress can be in the form of eating a poordiet, not getting enough sleep, blood sugar imbalances on top of the emotionalstressors of day-to-day life.

If you arelooking to improve your skin and hair health think about some of these ways youcan address your health from the inside; like sleep, stress & diet.  If you make lifestyle changes that allow youto feel better on the inside, you will start to glow on the outside as well!


Dr.Sarah Wilson

About the Author

Naturopathic Doctor, Founder, Medical Director is passionate about helping women feel their best. She herself had spent many years with brain fog, fatigue, constant digestive upset, an unpredictable period and unexplainable weight gain and has gained the expertise to help others.

Learn more about Dr. Sarah Wilson at Advanced Women's Health Centre


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