Saluting Women in Trades & Manufacturing

For the month of June 2020, we will be featuring resources and inspiring profiles of women in the trades & manufacturing!

Jacqui Collier, Sales and Marketing Representative for Tamarack Developments Corporation  

"A Salute to Women in Trades & Manufacturing"

Kim Grant and Hayley Clark - "Professional Carpenters and a Journey in Friendship"

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Peng Sang Cau- Founder of Transformix Inc and a Women of Influence

How Peng-Sang Cau's vision helped build a company from the ground up.

Photo: Peng Sang Cau and Prime Minister Stephen Harper at 2014 Canadian Trade Mission to the Netherlands.

Peng-Sang Cau, President and CEO of Kingston's Transformix Engineering Inc., shares a favorite analogy about what it means to be an entrepreneur: "A cook will follow a recipe, ingredient by ingredient,"she says. "If they don't have all the ingredients, they won't make the dish. A chef, on the other hand, opens up the fridge and says, 'what do I have? What can I make?'

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Advancing Women In The Manufacturing Sector

Our Keynote Speaker: Rhonda Barnet, COO of AVIT Manufacturing and Champion for the "We Can Do It" Campaign!

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Photo: Rhonda Barnet

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Be In It With All Your Heart - Nicole Le Clair's Journey in the Trades

Our Keynote Speaker: Nicole LeClair Will Speak About Her Journey - 'Strive, Persist, Be In It With All Your Heart'

"There is a pre-conceived idea that welders are big men that burn welding rods all day and options are limited, that's not the case at all'" Nicole LeClair

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Photo: Nicole LeClair

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Our Youth In Trades- Experiential Learning and Building Opportunities

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Join Melissa Cox, Geoff Petznik and Jason Quenneville from the Limestone District School Board’s Expanded Opportunities Team to learn how together they are building teacher capacity, engaging students, and promoting exciting career pathways to students. Youtube Video:

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME)

From the first industrial boom in Canada, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) has been advocating for and representing member interests. Nearly 150 years strong, we have earned an extensive and effective track record of working for and with 2,500 leading manufacturers from coast to coast to help their businesses grow. Our success comes from integrating the association with industry, being run by manufacturers for manufacturers. Led by a national board of directors made up of senior leaders from a diverse group of Canadian manufacturers of all sizes, we have our finger on the pulse of the sector.
Overcoming your challenges and maximizing opportunities are at the forefront of everything we do. CME has member-driven programs and services to help you work on your business. We partner with you to strengthen your competitive advantage by building your knowledge and capacity in key areas, like LEAN and productivity; trade and export; energy and environment; leadership development; safety and more.
As your advocate, CME has the ear of all levels of government in Canada and in key markets around the world. We actively work to influence and recommend effective policies that will allow manufacturers to compete at home and abroad.

Skills Ontario Young Women's Initiatives


Apprenticeship Grants -

New: Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for Women. In Budget 2018, the Government of Canada announced a new Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for Women to further support women in entering, progressing, and completing their training in Red Seal trades where women are underrepresented. The Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for Women (AIG-W) is a taxable cash grant of $3,000 per year/level or equivalent






Apprenticeship and Trades - St. Lawrence College (part 1 of 3)

Apprenticeship and Trades - St. Lawrence College (part 2 of 3)

Apprenticeship and Trades - St. Lawrence College (part 3 of 3)

Women In Trades and St. Lawrence College

Keeping our “WITTS” About Us: Women in the Trades at St. Lawrence College

Women make up less then 5% of skilled tradespeople, and this semester a new School Within a College (SWAC) program is being offered at St. Lawrence College with the Limestone District School Board to help increase that number. The Women in the Trades SWAC (WITTS) class is a group of female senior high school students taking a senior English credit, senior Gender Studies and a coop credit as well as a Taste of the Trades Dual Credit. The dual credit includes Carpentry, Millwright, Electrical, Welding, Plumbing, Masonry, Culinary and Esthetics.

WITTS is working to encourage young women to explore the skilled trades a viable future option.

This program has allowed given our students a chance to experience a variety of trades led by college instructors in a supportive environment. Fieldtrips and guest speakers have included taking an introductory rope access course to explore how rope access is used in trade sites around the world, female tradespeople sharing their experiences and a day of learning in St. Lawrence College’s Indigenous Services Centre.

We also attended Skills Ontario’s Women in the Trades Career Exploration Event held at Loyalist College in February.

WITTS has opened my eyes to more opportunities for the future. When I came here, I didn’t think I would like trades. But now, having done welding, I realize it’s not as difficult as I thought and it was really fun.” – WITTS student, Anna Hughson

“I really like being able to have the opportunity to do things that I felt I couldn’t before. I had thought about trades, but thought it was more of a ‘guy thing’. I was closed off, but I’ve seen other girls who do it for a living and realize it’s worth it.”  – WITTS Student Brook McFeeters

“Being in a girl-only class has made the trades classes seem more comfortable. I don’t feel challenged by other students, and I feel like we try to support each other.”  – WITTS student Desirae Montpetit

For More Information: Women in the Trades (WITTS) SWAC with Limestone District School Board

In this LDSB Dual Credit school within a college (SWAC) program, students will attend St. Lawrence College during Semester 2. This program is a trade’s exploration opportunity for young women to experience the trades in a hands-on, supportive environment. This program will encourage young women to explore various trades while providing experiential opportunities to encourage women to pursue careers in the trades. These opportunities will include guest speakers, community partnerships field trips such as Young Women Conference with Skill’s Ontario. All students will be interviewed by LDSB.

Winter 2020 Dates Page

Limestone District School Board / Resources

The Limestone Skills Competition is the first in a series of skills events intended to promote the skilled trades and technologies as viable, first-choice career options to students.

Skills competitions encourage youth to consider a career in the skilled trades and technologies. Through programs and initiatives such as in-school presentations, local and regional qualifying and provincial skills competitions, we are able to inform and engage our students to the fulfilling world of skilled trades and technologies.

The annual Limestone Skills Competition includes a broad range of occupations such as carpentry, baking, graphic design, welding etc. There are 19 secondary competitions and eight elementary competitions.Industry judges help assess students based on set scopes of criteria.


Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program

Youth Apprenticeship Program

A student working toward their Ontario Secondary School Diploma can be placed in an apprenticeable training experience through a Co-op placement, Focus Program or a Specialist High Skills Major Program where they receive practical experiences that may be counted towards the completion of their apprenticeship. The OYAP,  Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, starts with co-operative education and an interest in a skilled trade. From co-op, the student working in a trade specific placement will have the opportunity to identify as an OYAP apprentice with the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities.

Apprenticeship is one of the post-secondary pathway destinations students can choose as an outcome to secondary school education. Apprenticeship is a method of learning used in the skilled trades through a combination of on-the-job training and technical in-school learning based on the Training Standards provided by the Ontario College of Trades.

For more info - CLICK HERE

Learn More what programs are offered by the Limestone District School Board

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