Exploration of Québec’s Eastern Townships By Lise Coghlin

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Exploration of Québec’s Eastern Townships


The autumn foliage was at its finest for our tour of the area.


We decided to stay at the Château Bromont, located at the foot of Mont Bromont. The hotel’s hot tubs and heated pool drew us outdoors where we enjoyed a toast to Mother Nature. It was magical!


At the Saint-Benoît-du-LacMonastery, our private guide shared its history and gave us a glimpse into the monastic life of today. We enjoyed a cheese and cider tasting, and the monks’ Gregorian chants soothed our souls! 


Just outside North Hatley, we indulged in an incredible culinary experience hosted by Manoir Hovey, a beautiful boutique hotel situated on Lake Massawippi. Our lunch was exquisite and served with class.


We discovered the charming village of Old Bromont whose small restaurants and artisan shops reminded me of Bloomfield in Prince Edward County. Perfect for a quiet stroll.


We concluded our tour with a delicious three-hour brunch cruise on board a fabulous yacht, enjoying the scenery of Lake Memphremagog. We were even able to spot the monastery high in the hills amidst the spectacular foliage. A grand finale!


There was so much to discover in the unique history and landscape of the Eastern Townships of Québec. The serenity and beauty of this region will continue to call me back.


 “To travel is to live.” (Hans Christian Andersen)

Lise Coghlin of Lise Travel Boutique

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