Woman On The Move Profile - Camille Croteau, COO of okwrite

Who you are

My name is Camille Croteau. I currently live in Prince Edward Island, and my partner and I love renovating our house, enjoying nature, and expanding on our hobbies.


I love to do so much, and I let myself explore a number of things outside of my professional career. I've achieved some amazing things such as being a record-breaking Division 1 athlete throughout university and completing my PhD in Kinesiology at Western University in London, Ontario. 


What you do

I am the Chief Operating Officer of okwrite, a content marketing agency that focuses on creating quality content and empowering small business owners. We sell writing, editing, and design services. Things like: fully unique blogs, web copy, email marketing, social media marketing, websites through our partner, and branding. 


My day-to-day does not always look the same, but often I am meeting with my staff to check in on the operations, optimizing our current processes, connecting with current clients about their services, meeting new ones, and simple billing and payroll. I love how dynamic this role is, which is why I pursued it. 


What inspires you

What honestly inspires me are the people around me. I love my friends, family, and coworkers, and yes I even love my clients.

The interactions we have and the relationships build are so fruitful, honest, and built on trust. There is no doubt in my mind that the people around me keep my truly inspired day in and day out. 



Why you do what you do

Creative work is just so fulfilling. Every day, our team works together to solve problems for business owners to advance their businesses and free up their busy schedules. Not only that, but we get to ask small to large business owners allover the world, and in Kingston, about WHAT they do. For small business owners, this is one of the only times when they hear:

"Hey, I want to talk to you about your business, what YOU want to do, and I can even HELP YOU DOTHAT!"  And then they are RELIEVED to know that they have someone with the industry expertise, time, and personnel to help them. It is just so rewarding. Genuinely, I truly enjoy what I do.

And I know that my coworkers at okwrite feel the same way.


okwrite Ranked a TOP Content Marketing Agency in the WORLD (and #1 in Canada)


to contact Camille:

Camille Croteau, PhD

Chief Operating Officer


 w: okwrite.co email: camille@okwrite.co

About the Author

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