Nutrition That's Easy & Energizing

Food is Fun, and Food is a Science. Michelle Deschenes, founder of ACE Nutrition, will provide easy practical tips to help you optimize your energy at times when you need it.

Wondering what to cook next? These resources(adapted from KFL&A Public Health) can help you use up pantry items youhave stashed away or fresh foods you don't want to waste before deciding to head out to the grocery store.

  • Supercook APP: Check  off which ingredients you have and only recipes using these ingredients will be shown.
  • Use the ingredient search function to find recipes using items you have, and exclude items you don't have.
  • Half Your Worried about veggies and fruit going to waste? With videos and recipes, find easy ways to incorporate veggies and fruit into each meal.
  • Beans, peas and lentils are affordable, nutritious sources of protein. Look here for recipes and cooking tips. 
  • Ontario Bean Growers: Delicious recipes, videos and cooking tips.

·        Foodland Ontario: Discover recipes using in-season veggies and fruit. Use the availability guide to find out what's in season. 

·        Unlockfood: Recipes and nutrition information from Dietitians of Canada.

·        The Chipotle Method – How to prepare 40, 320 plant-based meals in 5 minutes or less.


Michelle Deschenes

About the Author

Having worked over 20 years as a Dietary Technologist in hospitals all over Canada, Michelle Deschenes, founded ACE Nutrition and Diet Consulting in 2012. Michelle believes in real nutrition from real food, and all food fits including cheesecake.

She wants to take the fight out of food without deprivation. It’s her belief that the more tailor-made the nutrition plan, the more successful and sustainable it will be for life. After all, eating is one of the greatest pleasures of life.

ACE Nutrition is physician approved, and was awarded the regional “Health Professional of the Year” by Diabetes Canada. If you have a Love/Hate relationship with your food and you are craving change, ACE Nutrition is Kingston’s certified specialist.

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