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Why Having Everything is Never Enough

June 15, 2021
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How releasing the impact and hidden triggers of grief can bring peace, joy, and abundance galore! Grief is not always about death. We grieve how things used to be, and we grieve how we want things to be.

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My journey as an adult started out with high hopes but quickly dissolved into an unrecognizable mess.

Like any young woman, the spectre of a happy marriage, complete with children and a home, was the vision, but life did not quite see it that way. The betrayal of a man I put everything on the line for, the death of my mother, and financial ruin, hurt me to my core.

I thought I would never get off the floor.

At the time, it did not occur to me I was being prepared to help others who had fallen into despair, navigate their way across to the other side where hope and new beginnings reside. My own mentors helped me piece my emotional life together - in order for me to find my center and power which drives my practice to this day.

With a second-generation ancestral gift of spiritual insight and intuition, I bring together years of certified professional counselling skills, metaphysical mastery, and business- building acuity to create a highly exceptional client experience like no other for professional women.

What do I do?

Leaders and Decision-makers engage me because of the attractive force I carry based on empathy, compassion and a commitment to encouraging the heart. They want me to hold space for their people across the GAP, to transform their grief, anxiety and pain (GAP) into empowered and authentic living.

I know what it is like to lose your hopes, dreams and experience the horror of lost love and betrayal. I also know what it is to rebuild and come back stronger than ever. I bring this experience, training and insight into ALL of my engagements.

I am a trainer, facilitator, TV host who supports leaders, organizations, and the community to have uncomfortable conversations on inclusion, mental health stigma and how to promote a sense of belonging within their community.

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Event overview

Perhaps the most prevalent cultural myth is that money and professional success are salves that heal what ails us. During these most unprecedented times, we have learned that divorce, managing a complicated relationship with parents and children – do not go away – instead, they are now emphasized.

You soon learned that no amount of success stops the pain from infiltrating your hearts.

You can no longer go away to a beautiful destination or overschedule your days as a way of self-soothing.

This unease and hypervigilance are present.

What is this? This is grief. Grief is not always about death. We grieve how things used to be, and we grieve how we want things to be.

Through storytelling, Ophelia will give you tips on how to transcend destination addiction by exploring curiosity and hope – to transform your grief into belonging and meaning.

No matter how many times you have been hurt, an open heart always has the courage to begin again.

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