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Handy Fairies

Hate Cleaning? At Handy Fairies, We Love It.

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About Handy Fairies

Our company was founded on beautiful Amherst Island as one of the first house cleaning companies on the island. Phuong MacNeil started full time managing the company and broadened its scope to serve even more clients. The management team is always studying and researching to increase cleaning technician efficiancies.

With more than 17 year of experience as a Software Engineer, we are applying and investing in new tools and technologies to help our technicians work smarter.
We are proud to provide high quality commitment and a reputation for excellent services.


The story behind our company name

In Vietnam we have a fairy tale called: “Tam Cam”,  An old woman, who would go to work each day and then when she returned home was surprised by her clean house. To find out the truth, one morning she pretended that she went to work but half way in the day, she returned home and had a peak through the window, where she saw a beautiful fairy come out from a golden fruit, to then proceed to clean up the house for her!

In Canada, we have the handy man, so here we are the Handy Fairies to keep your house clean when you are away from home, to return and find a clean house!

Phuong MacNeil

Director of Handy Fairies
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