Bring the Fall Home

 It is so hard to believe that fall is almost upon us and those summer days of warm, sunny weather have given way to some cooler days and evenings. While we can still get outside to do fall gardening, go for walks or bike rides and take advantage of the limited warm days on a patio, I am sure you are giving some thought to fall  décor updates in the spaces of your homes.

During the hot days of summer,  décor is typically more spare to make rooms feel cooler and more spacious, but as the weather cools down we want to incorporate  décor that make rooms warm and comfortable as we hibernate inside. For effortless and simple fall updates consider the following.




Adding layers of texture to your rooms brings visual and tactile warmth, depth and comfort. While you may add in a woollen throw or two, be sure to include some wooden items as well such as a coffee table tray or bowl filled with acorns. Of course swapping out throw pillows is quick and easy and provides an instant update. Opt for pillows in rich fabrics such as velvet and brocade or a pattern with lots of visual texture such as plaid, jacquard or faux fur.

Embellishments such as beading, jewels or trims are another way to add more texture and enhance to the luxe look and feel. I love incorporating ‘creative tension’ in my spaces so in addition to rich fabrics I mix in one or two pillows in jute or linen for a relaxed and informal vibe.


Bedrooms are the perfect place to play with textures. Layer blankets of different textures and patterns and top them with abed scarf or perhaps a sheepskin rug for a warm cozy look. Of course pillows in varying shapes, sizes and fabrics will finish the look and result in a bedroom you will never want to leave!





Every space in your home should have botanicals for life and vitality. While this usually means plants and greenery(real or faux) swap these out for dried grasses, flowers, eucalyptus and/or twigs. With dried arrangements as a foundation include pumpkins and gourds in various colours and shapes for added visual interest. To keep the look informal and unexpected, consider the use of something other than a vase such as a mason jar, water jug or sap bucket.





In the fall candles are a natural décor addition with their warm light and glow. Another way to make your rooms warmer is to change the lights bulbs in lamps for those with a soft white light. Look for light bulbs with 2700 to 3000 Kelvin. These are best for living rooms and bedrooms and not only are these light bulbs more relaxing for your eyes, we all look better in soft white lighting!


Have fun bringing fall touches to your home; enjoy the process and the result!


 by Janet Armstrong, Founder of Simply Swank Décor

Janet Armstrong

About the Author

Janet Armstrong is Founder of Simply Swank  Décor and a graduate of the Interior Design Institute and an Accredited member and National Chair of the Decorators and Designers Association of Canada (DDA Canada).


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