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Build Your Wealth Resilience! Rental Properties for Women

March 9, 2021
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Event Summary

A step by step guide for women looking to create a solid financial future for themselves and their families.

Meet our speaker.

Laura Southall

Laura Southall is a financial advisor in Kingston, Ontario, and has worked in the education field.  As a child, she ran multiple small businesses and spent her free time at the public library reading books about money.  At the age of 15, she started saving for a down payment on a rental property.  

She bought her first house at the age of 23 and began renting out the basement to cover the mortgage.  Over the next 23 years, she bought, sold, renovated, and rented many properties.  The book, “Rental Properties for Canadian Women” tells her journey, the mistakes she has made, and the strategies she has adopted.

It also includes case studies of women who have used real estate in different ways.  Laura’s mission is to empower and educate women to create a secure financial future for themselves and their families.

Event overview

Build your wealth resilience and learn from Laura Southall's decades of experience in rental income properties.

Drawing from Laura's book, “Rental Properties for Canadian Women”,  and real-life case studies, she will talk about her childhood and the influences that compelled her to pursue real estate as an investment.  Laura, will discuss the pros and cons of investing in real estate, as well as explore what to look for when you are buying your first house or income property.  

Laura will also touch on and answer the following questions:

Once you have bought your first house, how do you expand to additional properties?

What different types of properties are available?

What are some strategies for securing a mortgage and what do you prepare when meeting with a bank or mortgage broker?

What are the best practices for finding tenants, dealing with maintenance, vacancies, and turnover?

What are some of the tax implications of owning a rental property?

Should I use a property manager?

Finally, we will discuss the long-term benefits and financial security of owning rental properties.

Laura's  intent is to demystify the real-estate investment process while empowering participants to take steps toward securing their own financial future.  Engagement is key, and questions are both welcomed and encouraged.

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