October 17, 2022

September & Women Mean Business Network

Welcome September

If you're a woman  entrepreneur who's been wondering how to sell your innovation to the federal  government, this Sept. 29 online workshop is for you.

The Innovative Solutions Canada program  funds R&D and tests prototypes in real-life settings. The program  includes two streams with funding dedicated to Canadian innovators who want  to innovate, create and take their innovation to market.

Find out how  you can get funds to:

• Solve challenges  (compete for funding to prove the feasibility of your solution and build a  prototype)

• Test your innovation  (compete for funding to test your innovation in real-life settings)


Contact Us at: Gaby Eaton / hosp.conn@gmail.com

WMB Thanks our Community Supporters 

Learn more about some of the amazing women owned businesses in our community!

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Gaby Eaton at hosp.conn@gmail.com or

Josie Walsh at josie.secondwind@gmail.com



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