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Overwhelmed, stressed and tired are words I hear often from the adult children starting to navigate or knee deep into navigating aging parents. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Trust me I know!

In Spring of2019 I had the pleasure of having my parents move into a self-contained in-law suite on our property – they uprooted from Kelowna, BC and made the trek ‘home’. I was elated as now they could spend time with their extended family and “if” something ever went ‘wrong’ I had peace of mind knowing they were right next door.

Little did I know that in September of 2019 that “if” would come knocking on our door as my mother was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer on a Thursday and she was in for emergency surgery the following Monday – complications, set- backs, more hospital stays and Chemo – if she had still been in Kelowna I quite simply don’t know what I would have done – having her near was a blessing.

Fast forward to May of 2021 in the midst of a pandemic my mom who had been receiving a trial drug along with a robust follow up plan to keep an eye on ‘things’ -previous to Ovarian Cancer my mother had already won a round with Breast Cancer – a subsequent tumour had been discovered. As protocols were still at their highest my mother received this terrifying news alone in the Dr’s office. My dad who was waiting in the car for the expected routine visit got a call he did not expect – he was put on speaker phone to hear the news that the cancer was back, as the news was delivered he could hear my mother, his wife, crying in the background. Incurable Ovarian Cancer.

We learned that on a drop of a dime things can change, life can change and families are called upon to be at the ready. The timing is never right (PS. There is never aright time), lives are continuously busy and strain and overwhelm inevitably creep in as families do their best to juggle all balls with a goal of not dropping one.

In the midst of all that was going on around us something kept poking at my heart and soul and when the universe calls I try to stop and listen. Prior to the world shutting down I was exploring a new journey that felt right in every fibre of my being – I was planning on heading to New York for an End of Life Doula Certification – a pandemic put this on pause.

In May of 2021 the calling came again, the news my mother received was my confirmation that it was time to listen to the calling of my heart. I landed at Douglas College Virtually to take my End of Life (EOL) Doula Certification and then onwards I went to become certified in Guided Meditation. After experiencing a 4 day retreat with the instructor of the GMF in Reno, Nevada I knew that Guided Meditation can help relieve stress and overwhelm, it can ease pain for those suffering and can give loved ones peace in their final days.

As the world started to re-open a friend (Shari Doherty) asked me out for a coffee just as I was returning home from Reno and as we chatted she triggered light bulbs in my head and in my heart, an hour coffee date turned into 3 hours as she helped me birth Senior Transitions.

Senior Transitions aligns all of my life experience and my education together. My husband Tim and I had been Live- In Managers at The Kingsdale Chateau – an Independent Retirement Community. We had the privilege of living within a community of Senior’s – they were our neighbours. We answered their emergency calls in the middle of the night, served them coffee & tea with their meals so that we could build relationships that we cherished. This experience also gave us front row seats to what transition does to some families. We witnessed Adult Children thrust into the role of caregiver and saw the-overwhelm on the faces of their aging parent(s) as the adult children tried to figure things out on their week-end or days off. Stress, overwhelm and exhaustion always seem to take over. I’m also an advocate for women and have encouraged them to own their voice in business and in life – this passion has been carried forward and is ever present in the work I do with Senior’s.

They say “It takes a Village” and while the statement is usually made in reference to raising children I believe it is also a key piece to navigating aging parents. What if you could form a village to help with the to-do list? What if you could remain being present as the adult child as opposed to being thrusted into the caregiver role? What if you could minimize the stress and overwhelm for everyone involved? And, what if your parent could stay at home for as long as possible with Independence, Grace, Dignity and with their Voice fully intact?

Senior Transitions is here to help with those what if’s.

We offer non-medical support allowing your parents to remain at home for as long as possible- laundry, groceries, light housekeeping are just a few of the things we can do. When the need arises we can also move through the subsequent transitions that might follow. We can offer guidance and support when the family home becomes too much. Downsizing, purging and prepping for the move, working in partnership with your real estate agent or referring you to one when needed, every step of life’s transitions – Senior Transitions is here to help.

We are on a mission to give our Seniors the opportunity to Age in Place. We are here to support families and we can also be your eyes and ears – not knowing how things are going need not be an issue any longer.

If you are in a state of overwhelm and are not sure what to do next please reach out – it all starts with a conversation, let us be a part of your village.

Sheri Godfrey

EOL Doula /Transition Specialist

Owner -Senior Transitions

Sheri Godfrey

I am Certified as an End Of Life Doula through Douglas College and I am here to have those difficult conversations with you and your family.
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