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First Impressions – Impact Perceptions

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First Impressions – Impact Perceptions

“Perception management is underrated.  Without it, you seldom have an opportunity to show your real potential in today’s competitive marketplace.”
– Empower Your Presence, Catherine Bell



Your first impression is so memorable, it lasts forever.

When managing one’s image, most people focus only on appearance; however, your impression is connected to what is revealed, consciously and subconsciously, through all the ABCs of image:

·       Appearance

·       Behaviour

·       Communication


Also, what you think you convey to others is not necessarily in sync with what they perceive.  Therefore, it makes excellent business sense to use a Certified Image Professional to assist you in aligning all the components of your image.


This work always starts with a thorough understanding of how you want to come across to others, and then strategies are developed so that you/your staff will authentically, consistently, and confidently convey the right messages in the marketplace – so that you’ll always make a PRIME Impression!



Why use a Certified Image Professional?

 Anyone can say that they are an image consultant, but it doesn’t mean they have the necessary skills to guide you.  Currently about 95 people globally can use ‘AICI CIP’ after their names, indicating that they have obtained an esteemed level of expertise. They were peer-reviewed by the Association of Image Consultants International, verifying that they have:

·       Exceptional ethics and standards

·       Broad experience across many sectors

·       Held senior leadership positions

·       Educated their peers

·       Contributed to their communities

·       Committed to continuous learning

·       Received stellar client evaluations



And why choose Catherine Bell, AICI CIP?

·       Catherine is one of only 10 Certified Image Professionals in Canada.

·       Since 1994, Catherine has assisted thousands of clients worldwide with appearance, presentation skills, networking, etiquette, communication, body language, leadership, and career strategies.

·       Catherine can assist you with all the ABCs of image – appearance, behaviour and communication.

·       Clients consistently report new confidence and greater self-esteem.

·       An international best-selling author, her books are used globally by professionals as part of their ongoing development.

·       Unlike most CIPs, because of her additional careers as a Fashion Designer and Professor, she has expertise in colour, textiles, tailoring, construction, fit, and proportion, empowering her clients to make educated, enhancing clothing investments. 

·       She is passionate about giving you the tools to look, act and feel your best.



What makes PRIME Impressions’ seminars unique? 

  • PRIME Impressions’ corporate clients range from mechanics to multi-national automakers, funeral homes to entertainment firms, and healthcare to finance.
  • With over 35 years of teaching, Catherine’s ability to deliver winning seminars keeps her in demand with businesses, educational institutions, and not-for-profits. 
  • With a further 16 years as head designer and merchandise manager for a national fashion manufacturer, she understands the complexities of business, consistently surpassing sales targets, and delivering exceptional customer service.
  • Programs are created only after key people in your organization meet with Catherine to clearly identify your needs to ensure seminars are fully customized and on target.
  • Her warm, engaging, interactive style and ability to connect quickly with people at all levels encourage participants to take ownership of the content and immediately put it into action.  



PRIME Impressions’ philosophy 

Our mission is to ensure that our clients are confident and successful in reaching their full potential. This is done through a collaborative approach involving carefully listening, tactfully sharing observations, and designing customized programs and image strategies.  

At PRIME Impressions, we celebrate individuality and work with all economic backgrounds, ages, cultures, genders, and levels of ability. Because image is so personal, client confidentiality is passionately respected and protected.  It would be an honour to work with you to ensure that your personal brand and image always convey your intentional message of confidence, credibility, and executive presence.



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