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Well-written, Effective Online Marketing for Your Unique Business

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okwrite Technologies, Inc. is a content marketing agency powered by women for women. What started as a blog-writing agency, we have grown to a full-on content marketing agency, experienced in content creation, blog writing, and SEO. 

It can be difficult for many businesses in the community to understand how powerful digital marketing can be. Digital marketing is simply marketing online (in an increasing number of ways) to get both online and local audiences to your doorstep. So whether you sell a product at a physical location or want more local customers for your real estate business, digital marketing can help.

Did you know that your physical store should have a Google My Business listing? Your online presence can bring local traffic to your doorstep just as easily as billboards and magazine ads still do. 

Here’s how we can help.

Content Marketing is Important in Marketing Budgets!

If you want to tap into content marketing as part of your regular marketing budget, then you’re on the right track. 

Content marketing simply means allotting some funds to improve your website (both the back-end and the content on it), strategizing how you use the content, and then taking action like buying an ad or blogging. 

Each content marketing plan is unique, so it’s impossible to say how yours looks. But when you work with the team at okwrite, you gain access to this knowledge and our ability to provide a custom solution for your needs. 

Who is okwrite? 

okwrite Technologies, Inc. is women-led. Our team consists of Camille Croteau, Ph.D., COO, Erin Foley, Editor in Chief, and Amy White, Staff Writer and Head of Growth. okwrite is globally recognized as a leading content marketing agency and Canada’s #1 content marketing agency. We know good content and effective planning.

We’ve been in marketing collectively for three decades, and we know this is generally a male-dominated space. 

But MARKETING is not. 

Marketing works for every business no matter what, which is why we believe supporting women-led and women-owned businesses is very important. For years, women in business have been neglected or bypassed. 

Now, you can work with a marketing team that understands your daily stressors, long-term goals, and the passion behind your business. 

Content Services We Offer

While “content” is a vague term, it refers to anything online that can be used to improve online searchability and rankability. This means the words on a website, images, and videos. 

How does this work for marketing? 

When you look at your website as a marketing tool, you start to recognize its potential. Every website is indexed online by search engines like Google. When “indexing,” the search engine goes through your website and tries to categorize it and figure out what your website does. 

Does your website sell shoes? Or are you curating a scenic getaway to a far-off location? 

Once the search engine recognizes what you do, you are categorized and compared against other websites. The comparison looks for a few things. First, sites like Google want to ensure that when they pull websites up at each search, they pull a good site. This means no bullshit, no spam.

If you want to be recognized by search engines as a good site (pro tip, you do!), then you want to make sure you do everything you can to help Google do that. Here’s how:

  • You write words that relate to your line of work (also known as keywords)
  • You make sure that your backend is following some of the best practices for indexing (like SEO)
  • You add words to your page (the ones that are highly relevant to your business)
  • You make sure everything on your page is done well!

So how can we help?

We are experienced at:

  • Convincing yet honest web copy
  • Well-written and industry-specific blog content
  • Thorough document writing for any need (like marketing material, product write-ups, high-level documents)
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media copywriting

Marketing & SEO Service We Offer

In addition to writing good content, we also provide marketing support. 

Coming up with your own marketing plan is challenging. This is why we provide Marketing Managed Services. 

Here’s how that works:

Marketing Managed Services

When you purchase Managed content marketing with us, you essentially can tap into a massive amount of marketing support. Sometimes it's extremely difficult to sit down and learn everything yourself. We get it (because we’ve done exactly that). 

So, with managed support, we can:

  • Provide content for you
  • Come up with the ideas for the content
  • Fix existing content
  • Fix your SEO or technical issues on your website
  • Write up and send out your press release
  • Set up your email marketing software for automation and lead tracking
  • Send out emails, social media posts, and more for you and deliver at ideal times so that your campaign is effective
  • Guide you with marketing advisory support
  • And so much more…

We can also connect with you with other traditional digital marketing services, like website design and development, paid advertising, and PR support.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, we’re the ones for you.  

Connect With okwrite for Content Marketing and Digital Marketing

Feel free to give our team a call. You can contact me, Camille, directly at with your questions. 

Camille Croteau

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(800) 674-9141
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