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Building brands with confidence.

Hi, i'm Nicholas Walsh and i'm a designer/ brand marketing consultant. I've dedicated myself to helping businesses grow and find their voice to stand out in an increasingly expressive market. I focus on brand identity and website design but i'm also capable in print and ad publication, I work closely with my clients to make unique and personalized products that fit them and their passions to make a long lasting impression for their customers.

What a professional designer can do for you?

Hiring a professional designer is quite beneficial for a business owner with limited time on their hands. When time is money, you want a professional that can help you save that time and avoid unnecessary snags along the way.With experience working with printers and with access to a suite of professional programs, a designer knows the best way to design products and have them produced efficiently. You may have an image in your head for the look of your company, but have difficulty expressing it and getting it out on paper. A professional designer will help translate those thoughts to get the results you want.

Nick Walsh

I've been a designer for 5+ years and am always looking for a new challenge!
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