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Day in – day out you are busy! Your time is spent focused on all the other priorities and at the end of the day, week, year you have forgotten the one thing that is most important – YOUR HEALTH!  

Kwik Fit Kingston has your solution.  We are a high intensity resistance training studio that focuses on building strength, muscle, increased cardio, body toning and improving your overall health.  When you feel strong you feel more energy to meet the demands of your busy life.  Our one-on-one, private workouts are 15 minutes, once or twice a week, with our professional trainers.

Research shows brief, intense workouts are the key to keeping you strong

 As we age, we lose vital muscle starting at the age of 30.  Over the course of a year a person that isn’t actively engaged in resistance training can lose up to half a pound of muscle a year.  Gradually, our body becomes weaker and weaker, making daily activity challenging.

When visiting our studio, you will use top of the line MedX equipment that provides a full body workout. While using the leg press, seated row, chest press, torso arm, overhead press and lumbar/core you have worked the main muscles in the body.  Your trainer will encourage you to achieve your best effort each workout.  

Any fitness level can do this program as we work with each client to do the most they can do.  Each client is performing safe lifting techniques and working within their capability.  The key to a strong body is to provide the right amount of stimulus, actively recover and be consistent.  

As a personal trainer training this specific protocol a realization is becoming very clear, this protocol is a must for people 30 years and older.  The benefits our clients see is positive affects on all health markers. We have seen increased muscle, strength, fat loss, improved cardiovascular system, decrease in blood pressure, reverse osteoporosis, and increased ability to live longer independently. The most common thing we hear once people start realizing these benefits is “I wish I had started sooner!”.

Client Testimonial – Laurie Morton

“As a client at Kwik Fit Kingston I really like the one-on-one private session, working with their professional trainers and the results I’m achieving.  The trainers say the right amount of encouragement at the right time which gives me the confidence to push myself like I haven’t before.  I feel that Kwik Fit has opened up new opportunities for me to safely build strength, increase my energy and make a commitment to my fitness without feeling I have to spend a lot of time to achieve those same results.

 I drive 20 minutes each way to attend my workouts and it is time well spent.  I am feeling physically stronger and this has provided me with greater confidence all while spending 15 minutes once a week.”

Kwik Fit Kingston will provide you with significant benefits during short, intense workouts that fit within your busy life, so you can maintain a level of health that allows you to meet these demands.

To book your first FREE session you can contact us by emailing, calling 613-329-6355 or visiting