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Claudette Cain Coulas

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Claudette is an accomplished and dynamic leader, having been successful in four distinctive careers, spanning over four decades.

First, as a retail entrepreneur, she learned the art of taking risks and caring about the needs of her customers.  

As a respected elected official for five consecutive terms, three of which were as Mayor of the City of Gloucester, Claudette’s leadership style of no-nonsense government became the hallmark of her success.

Claudette’s wit and humor became really evident while she hosted her own television and radio shows on current affairs, at the same time as being the municipal affairs columnist for the Ottawa Sun.  She rose to becoming a much sought-after media personality in the nation’s capital, as well as other parts of Canada and the United States.

Claudette recently retired as a Judicial Officer with the Ontario Court of Justice, where she carried out her duties with fairness and transparency and made complex decisions affecting the liberty of those appearing before her.

Claudette is now in a position to share her knowledge, experience and wisdom to help women make their dream life come alive.

She feels strongly that women bring unique and exciting ideas to any decision-making table and are simply more responsive and nurturing when times get tough. She hopes to guide and inspire more women to take the plunge into politics or be a leader in the boardroom, the courtroom, in the media, or in their own business. Her custom Roadmap will also lead passionate, driven, and committed women to an exciting life filled with peace and serenity.

Claudette is committed to raise awareness and breakdown the barriers surrounding mental health and addiction, by relating her own struggles and those of her family over many years. To that end, she has partnered with ‘Women for Mental Health” at The Royal, and Dawn House. Proceeds of her book will be shared with these two organizations whose goals are to research and provide treatment to women with mental health and homelessness issues.

With her book entitled "Ladies, Take Your Place, Leave Your Mark Politically, Professionally& Personally, Claudette will bring you through a new and exciting journey with your own custom roadmap that will lead you to the life of your dreams. Ladies, it's YOUR TURN to shine!    



The world needs more women at the helm in our board-rooms, in business, in politics and judicial chambers, globally – NOW!

If you’re passionate about making a difference and have no idea where to start, then this book is for you.    

This step-by-step handbook will not only get you started; it will propel you to the winner’s circle of your dreams.  You will find your inner strength andresilience to meet the exciting challenges of your new life.


To finally break the cycle of fear and anxiety around trying to get elected or starting your own business, becoming a CEO or reaching your most inner peace and serenity – without being a seasoned public speaker, without having to compromise your integrity and without having an arm’s length of degrees.  You will see how compelling Claudette’s Roadmap to passion, poise and power really is.  This sure-fire method will get you leading the way as a star ready for action!

This powerful toolkit will position you as a formidable leader who can smash through any barrier of fear and seal your legacy of a powerhouse in the political arena, the business world or in the halls of justice! You name your ‘gig’ and Claudette will help get you get there!


.  How to get off the roller coaster of fear and anxiety and develop a winning mindset!

.  How your passion can work for you even before you have settled on your dream job.

.  Discover your “WHY” for aspiring to a life in public office, the boardroom, the courtroom orin your own business.

.  How to be a trusted influencer and courageous straight shooter.

.  Overcome the skepticism toward politicians, female CEO’s and entrepreneurs by showing up asthe real deal.

.  The importance of your core values, your vision and your credibility.

.  A blended recipe to inspire people and attract success by your own authentic presence.


CLAUDETTE can help you…

- Define your purpose

- Create a winning mindset

- Identify your dream ‘gig’

- Create your Transformation Roadmap

- Develop joy, peace, gratitude and serenity in your soul

- Share ‘wins’, ‘challenges’ and ‘strategies’

- Keep you accountable

- Step by step mentoring through to success

- Reveal and analyze what keeps you up at night (Your biggest ‘pain’)

- Explore your dream job/dreamlife

- Define your “Big Why”

- With your Goals (short/long-term)

- Examine toolkit (strategies)to reach the top of your game

- Face it until you make it

- Get clarity - COBWEBS BEGONE!

- Round up the players

- Ready for - CAMERA, SET, GO!


Claudette Coulas

With her book entitled "Ladies, Take Your Place, Leave Your Mark Politically, Professionally & Personally, Claudette will bring you through a new and exciting journey with your own custom roadmap that will lead you to the life of your dreams.
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